BBC learning English
BBC learning English

BBC learning English – an amazing free resource

If you are learning English you have probably heard about the BBC – the British Broadcasting Company. It is one of the biggest and most reliable news sources in the world, with a multitude of TV and radio channels, a website and podcasts.

Did you know?

A whole large section of the BBC website is devoted to learning English: The website has existed for many years and over the years it has gathered a multitude of diverse materials for English learning – carefully created by the BBC with the best interest of learners in mind.

One of the best things about this resource is that it is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything and you get access to a great collection of high-quality materials – isn’t that amazing?

What can you do there?

Isn’t that great? This is just one resource. But it comes from a reliable high-quality creator. It is absolutely free. And it features plenty of materials for different levels, on different topics and aspects of the English language.

There is maybe one disadvantage: it is a website and not an app, so it may be less convenient to use on your smartphone, although you can still download separate podcasts or watch the videos on the BBC YouTube channel

Otherwise, it is one of the best resources out there. You can combine it with your classes or even use it alone to improve your English!

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