Can I learn English using only mobile apps?

Nowadays practically everyone has their smartphone on them at all times. It is useful, it is convenient and it is full of great apps for anything, from music and photos to weather to dating and lots of other things.

There are a lot of great apps for learning English as well, some free, some you have to pay for but they are still mostly affordable. These apps can be a great addition to your English classes.

For example, if you only have classes with your teacher once or twice a week you can do extra exercises and get some extra practice by using mobile apps.

Moreover, mobile apps can be a great instrument for learning English all by themselves. They are convenient, flexible and allow you to study anywhere and at any time. Here are some tips on how you can maximize the effect of learning English through mobile apps.

  1. Use the apps every day. It is important to practice English regularly. Some days it can be just five or ten minutes, other days you may have time for more. The important thing is to study regularly, this way your brain will store the new information in long-term memory.
  2. Use more than one app. Apps for learning English usually focus on one or a couple of aspects: there are apps for vocabulary, for grammar, reading, listening, etc. Some apps are even more forced: for instance, you can find great apps to practice phrasal verbs. Such an app can be truly amazing, but you can only use phrasal verbs with it. Combine two or three apps with a different focus – it will give you the necessary variety and allow to practice various aspects of the English language.
  3. Don’t be afraid to move on. If you do not like an app for some reason – delete it and move on. It is actually true for other resources and even teachers and language schools: if something is not to your liking it is better to leave than suffer from a resource or a teacher you dislike. In the modern world, there are more than enough apps and other resources, you can always find something you will enjoy.
  4. Check out both paid and free apps – there are good apps in both categories. Cheap does not necessarily mean bad. And apps you have to pay for are often priced quite reasonably. It will be cheaper than a language school anyway.
  5. Practice! Some apps contain only exercises on grammar and/or vocabulary. That is fine. But to improve your English you also need to practice: listen, read, write, speak – there are apps for that as well.

As you can see, learning English through apps is totally possible. One of the biggest advantages is that the smartphone is always with you and you can study whenever you have free time. And in the modern world, there is a great variety of resources that will allow you to practice different aspects of English and have fun doing it!

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