4 Popular YouTube Channels for Learning English

YouTube is a source of a lot of things: news, entertainment, celebrity gossip, tutorials on various hobbies. It is also a great source for learning English, as there are a lot of amazing YouTube channels for learners of English.
Why should you learn English on YouTube? Adding a YouTube channel or two to your English learning routine will provide variety that is beneficial for your learning. You will hear different accents and pronunciation.
Moreover, presenters on YouTube channels can offer new ideas and insights that may be very useful.
And also, YouTube is just very convenient. You can stop and rewind the video, watch it as many times as you can and ask questions in the comments.
Here are a couple of great YouTube channels that will help you improve your English.

1. EngVid

This is not one channel but actually a series of channels with different presenters. These are three of them:
And there are others – just search EngVid on YouTube.
These channels offer everything, from grammar to vocabulary, beginner English to business English, pronunciation, learning tips and tricks and many more. And the presenters are very knowledgeable, interesting and fun to watch.

2. Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

This channel covers various aspects of both British and American English and culture. The videos are very informative and designed so that you can improve your English very quickly.
You can choose the short and quick videos or the more in-depth ones – they are all great!

3. BBC Learning English

BBC is not only a great source of news. On their website or YouTube channel, you can also find a lot of materials for English learners.
There are dialogues with useful vocabulary, grammar explanations, entertaining videos with great English – and much more. All of it in great British English.
Even if it is not your goal to master the British variant of the English language, this channel will give you useful language practice.

4. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English is the American English counterpart of BBC, and it is equally good.
There are short videos if you have just a minute or two to practice, and longer ones, English lessons, everyday grammar, useful words from the news and other fun and useful things.

Useful Tips

If you cannot find what you are looking for on one of these channels, just use the YouTube search bar – it can provide some great results.
To find materials that are more suitable for you, you can add your level to the search phrase, for example, “business English vocabulary intermediate” or “English phrasal verbs advanced”, it may help narrow the search.
Check out both English only channels and channels in your native language – sometimes it may be necessary to hear a detailed explanation in your native language, especially if we are talking about tricky grammar topics. But make sure that you are listening to more English than your native language.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is great for many things, including learning English. Check out the channels from this article and search for popular English learning channels in your native language – they both can be of great help and very fun to watch.

What are your favorite channels?

I’m sure there are a lot more great channels out there, please share yours in the comment section below. Thanks!