6 Free Apps to Learn English

Our modern world is the world of convenience. We want things that are convenient, fast, multi-functional and easy to use. This can be true for learning English as well: some people give up just because they cannot learn English as fast as they want to.

One of the most convenient things in our possession is probably our smartphone: we always have it with us and it is a truly multi-functional device. So, why not use your smartphone for learning English?

Nowadays there are a lot of great English learning apps, both free and paid for. In this article, we are going to have a look at a few free apps, most of them have website version, Android version and iOS version.



Specifically designed to help English learners to improve their skills by doing dictation. With hundreds of exercises from easy to challenging, DailyDictation.com makes the learning process easy and efficient for its users.



This app offers a course of English from zero to intermediate, and you learn intuitively with simple quick exercises. It is simple, easy to use and offers English courses through many different languages.
Duolingo also unites a large community of learners – when you have difficulties or something is not clear, you can discuss it with them.



This app is very similar to the previous one: an English course from zero to intermediate and well-composed exercises that you can complete in just five minutes but which have a lot of great English packed in them.
It differs from Duolingo in its design and types of exercises – check out both of them and see which one you like more.



This is a great app for learning vocabulary. It offers various mini-courses on different levels of English. Basically, Memrise offers convenient modern-day vocabulary cards.
What is really good about this app is that it offers you words for revision depending on how well you know them. If you often make mistakes in one word or phrase, you will be given it more often. And on the contrary, you will come across well-known words less often.
The app does offer extra features for money but you can use the free ones very successfully.



Learn English through reading or listening to e-books. You can read a text in English and then its translation in your native language, you can just translate separate sentences or you can stop looking at your screen, turn on the audio book and practice your listening.
The number of text available in the free version is limited but they will allow you to check out the app, practice a little and decide if you want to pay for more.

English Grammar Test

Link (Android)

This app is for intermediate students and upper. As the name suggests, it offers grammar tests on a variety of different essential topics. This allows you to both practice your grammar – tests are a way of practicing, after all – and to check what areas need revision.

Final thoughts

This is just a small number of great free apps for learning English. Check them out! They may help you a lot by offering extra useful practice, and the more you practice English – the better.

P/s: Do you have any favorite apps that are not listed here? Please share us in the comment section below 🙂