40. Housework (Listen and Read)

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40. Housework
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Whew! I'm really tired and now I have to go home and cook.
Do you make dinner every night?
Yes, I usually make dinner, and my husband washes the dishes.
I live alone, so I do everything. Sometimes I eat out, though.
There are some good restaurants in my neighbourhood.
Where do you live?
Near the Pen Centre.
Oh, that's good.
There aren't any good restaurants near my house.
Does your husband help you do housework much?
Umm... yes. He sets the table almost every night, and he makes our bed every morning.
But I usually make all the meals.
How about cleaning?
We clean the house together every weekend.
I vacuum the rooms, and he usually sweeps the floor of the kitchen,
and he does yard work.
Your husband helps you so much. Does he help do the laundry too?
Well, he's never helped me do the laundry.
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