Useful websites and resources for learning English

Besides practicing dictation exercises on this website, there are many other ways to learn English, each person has different favorite methods of learning English, you should find and try different ways of learning and then stick with ones that you like, the important thing is to keep learning.

This page contains all the websites and resources that I have learned from and I think they will be useful for you. I hope you like them. If you have any good websites, or apps and want to share with other people, please send me an email, I may add it on this page, thanks!


  • Cambly: The largest platform that connects English learners and English teachers around the world. Teachers on Cambly are native speakers from England, America, Australia, Canada, etc. You can choose to study with any teacher at anytime, anywhere within a few seconds. See more
  • FluentPal: FluentPal is a partner of DailyDictation. FluentPal makes learning a new language fun and easy with its AI-powered role-playing scenarios and conversations with famous AI personalities. You can practice speaking in real-life situations, whenever it fits your schedule. FluentPal offers detailed lessons and helpful features like translation support, error correction, and adjustable conversation levels.

YouTube channels

  • Coach Shane's channels: Coach Shane is a great teacher! He has several youtube channels, but these are the most popular:
    • Daily English (Daily Easy English Expression or E-cubed): This channel current has over 1200 videos explaining daily American expressions (slang words, idioms, sayings...) in an understandable and fun way.
    • dailydictation: On this channel, there are lots of dictation lessons and Coach Shane does his great job explaining pronunciation, sounds, grammar, culture, everything...
    • coachshanesesl: I watched almost all of Q&A videos on this channel when I was learning English pronunciation, they are really helpful to me.
  • Learn English with Bob the Canadian: Bob has many awesome lessons that will help you improve your English easily.
  • Crown Academy of English: This channel has lots of well structured lessons about grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing, IELTS.... The channel's author is Andrew, an English teacher from England with many years of experience.


  • On this website, you will find many fun audio articles from Randall - the site's owner. He created dialogues and conversations that are educational, natural, and enjoyable to listen to. There are also quizzes and scripts for each dialogue to make sure you understand and remember the language better.
  • This site contains lots of free audio lessons recorded by many people around the world, so you will get to learn English with many accents.
  • A website created by an English teacher from the UK. He makes interesting podcasts regularly, which you can listen on many devices/apps. There are also transcript and highlighted vocabulary to help you learn more effectively.
  • A website to help you learn and improve your English grammar with lots of interactive exercises.


  • A great blog for anyone who's preparing for the IELTS exam. Simon is an ex-IELTS examiner and he posts lessons every day on his blog.
  • Another great blog for IELTS preparation created by Elizabeth (Liz) - an experienced teacher from England. On her blog, you will find a lot of useful and practical information, tips and lessons about not only the IELTS exam but also English in general. She also has a Youtube channel in case you prefer video lessons.


  • Effortless English: I got this course when I started to learn English and it was wonderful. The course has many lessons and exercises but I recommend you to listen to the "Power English" lessons first, they will not only help to improve you English but also change the way you learn. This course costs $99 but I guarantee you that it's totally worth it, the knowledge you get in "Power English" lessons will benefit you your whole life.
  • Callan Method: If you like to learn with a teacher, you will probably love this. Read more about this method here. I took this course a few years ago (for 2 years), it was really fun and effective. I feel so lucky that I had the chance to experience this method. They even have online classes now. You can see an example of a lesson on youtube here.