43. Can I Let You Know? (Listen and Read)

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43. Can I Let You Know?
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Are you going out with Leonard tonight?
Uh huh. He's supposed to pick me up at 6:30 What time is it now?
5:45. You'd better get going.
You're kidding. I haven't even taken a shower.
Where are you going?
We haven't made up our minds yet. Maybe to a movie, maybe to a party.
Go and see Forrest Gump. It's supposed to be interesting.
Oh, maybe we will. I've heard The Sixth Sense is good, too.
Well, personally I prefer Forrest Gump.
I really should be going. Do you wanna go shopping tomorrow?
I'd like to go, but it depends.
I might have to go to the store tomorrow and do some work.
Can I let you know first thing in the morning?
OK, that would be all right.
Oh, there's the phone. It must be Leonard.
Well, I'll be going. Call me tomorrow.
I will. Have a good evening.
You too.
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