83. A New Job (Listen and Read)

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83. A New Job
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Mr. Adams, have you seen this ad in the Recruit News?
Yes, I saw it, but I'm not interested in finding a new job.
I've been here since I graduated from my university.
I like working here.
Really? I've only been here one year, and I'm already tired of doing the same thing every day.
I'm afraid of getting really bored.
Oh, come on! It's not that bad.
Wherever you work, you have to do the same thing every day to a certain degree.
Well, what's more, I've been working about ten hours a day since last month.
But you've been getting paid more money for it, haven't you?
Yes, but I'm not interested in making more money.
I'm going to apply for another job.
What kind of job?
A secretarial job.
Well, good luck.
Thank you very much!
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