90. Applying for a job (Listen and Read)

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90. Applying for a job
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Come in... come in. It's Miss Wallace, isn't it?
Yes, that's right. How do you do?
How do you do? Please take a seat.
Thank you very much.
Well, I've got your application form here.
I just want to check the information... is that all right?
Yes, of course.
Now, you're 28, aren't you?
Yes, I am.
And you aren't married, are you?
No, I'm not... yet; I'm engaged.
Uh, huh. You didn't go to university?
No, I didn't, but I went to technical college.
And I started work when I was 20.
I see. You can speak Spanish, can't you?
Yes, I can... but I can write it better than I can speak it.
Is there any other language you can speak?
Yes, I can speak a little French.
You've been to Argentina, haven't you?
Yes, I have... and to France.
So I see... but you haven't been to the Middle East, have you?
No, I'm afraid I haven't, but I'd like to.
Good, because there is a demand for multi-lingual people in this job.
I think you will do just fine!
Thank you so much! I won't disappoint you!
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