CAM18 - Test 3 - Part 1 (Listen and Read)

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CAM18 - Test 3 - Part 1
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Hello, Wayside Camera Club, Breda speaking.
Oh, hello, um, my name's Dan and I'd like to join your club.
That's great, Dan.
We have an application form,
would you like to complete it over the phone,
then you can ask any questions you might have?
Oh, yes, thanks.
OK, so what's your family name?
It's Green, Dan Green.
So, can I take your email address?
Yes, it's
And what about your home address?
Well, I'm about ten miles away from your club in Peacetown.
I live in a house there.
OK, so what's the house number and street?
It's 52 Marrowfield Street.
Is that M-A-R-R-O-W-F-I-E-L-D?
That's right.
...and that's Peacetown, you said?
So how did you hear about our club?
Did you look on the internet?
I usually do that, but this time...
well, I was talking to a relative the other day and he suggested it.
Oh, is he a member too?
He belongs to another club,
but he'd heard good things about yours.
So what do you hope to get from joining?
Well, one thing that really interests me is the competitions that you have.
I enjoy entering those.
Anything else?
Well, I also like to socialise with other photographers.
That's great.
So what type of membership would you like?
What are the options?
It's £30 a year for full membership
or £20 a year if you're an associate.
I think I'll go for the full membership, then.
That's a good idea
because you can't vote in meetings with an associate membership.
If I could just find out a bit more about you...
So you said you wanted to compete,
have you ever won any photography competitions?
Not yet, but I have entered three in the past.
Oh, that's interesting.
So why don't you tell me something about those?
Let's start with the first one.
Well, the theme was entitled 'Domestic Life'.
I see.
So it had to be something related to the home?
I chose to take a photo of a family sitting round the dinner table having a meal,
and, urn, I didn't win, but I did get some feedback.
Oh, what did the judges say?
That it was too 'busy' as a picture.
Aha, so it was the composition of the picture that they criticised?
That's right, and once they'd told me that, I could see my mistake.
So what was the theme of the second competition?
Well, my university was on the coast
and that area gets a lot of beautiful sunsets
so that was the theme.
Oh, sunsets, that's a great theme.
The instructions were to capture the clouds as well,
it couldn't just be blue sky and a setting sun.
Sure, 'cause they give you all those amazing pinks and purples.
Yeah, and I thought I'd done that well,
but the feedback was that I should have waited a bit longer to get the shot.
I see.
So the timing wasn't right.
Yes, I took it too soon, basically.
And then the third competition I entered was called 'Animal Magic'.
Well, that's a difficult subject!
I know!
I had to take hundreds of shots.
I'm sure, because animals move all the time.
That's what we had to show,
there had to be some movements in the scene.
I got a great shot of a fox in the end,
but I took it at night and...
well, I suspected that it was a bit dark which is what I was told.
Well, Dan, you seem to be really keen and we'd be delighted to have you in our club.
I'm sure we can help with all those areas that you've outlined.
Thanks, that's great.
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