132. Making cookies (Listen and Read)

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132. Making cookies
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Umm. Something smells good!
My friend's mom is making cookies.
They are chocolate chip, my favorite!
I think I'll go home and ask my mom if we can make cookies, too.
I run all the way home and rush through the door.
I yell, "Mom, Mom!"
She comes out from her bedroom, her eyes wide.
"What?" she answers, a little worried.
I breathlessly ask if we can please, pretty please, make cookies.
She smiles and says, "I guess so".
"YES!" I reply.
First mom tells me to get out the cooking stuff;
so I get out the mixer and bowl,
the measuring cups and spoons and the cookie sheets.
Then she tells me to get out the recipe book.
I remind her that the recipe is on the chocolate chip package.
"Right," she says.
Then she asks me to look at the recipe and get out the things we need:
like flour, sugar and butter.
We set the oven temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Then, we mix all of the flour and other stuff (ingredients) together.
Last, we added the chocolate chips.
We drop the batter by big teaspoons full onto the cookie sheets.
We set the timer for twelve minutes
and just sit back and enjoy the good smell!
The buzzer rings. We take the cookies out.
Oh, do they look good!
We don't even wait for them to cool down.
Both Mom and I get a big glass of cold milk and two big warm cookies each.
Yum! Yum! Want to join us?!
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