15. Halloween Night (Listen and Read)

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15. Halloween Night
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Halloween is fun.
My mom buys candy.
My mom buys potato chips.
My mom buys chocolate bars.
It is for the trick-or-treaters.
My mom buys me a costume.
It is a ghost costume.
I am going to be scary.
My sister is going to dress up as a princess.
She will have a wand.
She will have a crown.
She will look beautiful.
My dad buys a pumpkin.
It is going to be a Jack O'Lantern.
We draw a face on the pumpkin.
We carve the face with a knife.
Our Jack O'Lantern looks funny.
We go trick-or-treating.
We knock on the neighbor's door.
We say, "trick or treat".
Our neighbors give us candy.
We say "Thanks".
We go to many houses.
We go home.
Our parents check our candy.
It's safe.
We eat lots of candy.
We don't feel very good.
We go to bed.
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