151. Easter (Listen and Read)

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151. Easter
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Traditionally, Easter has been one of the most important holidays of the Christian religion.
For Christians, the Easter holiday celebrates the death of Jesus Christ,
who died for the benefit of all people.
The exact date when Easter is celebrated is different each year,
but it is always held in early spring, during March or April.
There are two very important days that make up the Easter holiday,
which occurs during the spring season.
The first of these days is called Good Friday.
Christians recognize Good Friday as the day when Jesus suffered and died on behalf of humanity.
The second of these days is called Easter Sunday.
Easter Sunday occurs two days after Good Friday.
Christians celebrate Easter Sunday
as the day when Jesus rose from the dead and went to Heaven.
For Christians, Easter is the most solemn holiday of the year.
Many people attend church services on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday.
Easter is also a time for celebration.
Some Easter traditions come from old springtime festivals
that existed even before Christianity.
One of the traditions associated with Easter is the painting of Easter eggs.
People take chickens' eggs, make them hollow, and then paint them with beautiful colors.
Some people paint very beautiful and complex designs on the Easter eggs.
Another Easter tradition is the Easter Bunny.
According to tradition, the Easter Bunny is a magical rabbit
that visits the homes of children on the night before Easter Sunday.
The Easter Bunny hides chocolate candies, shaped like eggs, throughout the child's house.
On the morning of Easter Sunday,
the children must search throughout the house, to find these many hidden treats!
The Easter holiday is an important time, both as a religious holiday and as a celebration of springtime.
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