157. Radio stations (Listen and Read)

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157. Radio stations
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When I drive in my car, I like to turn on the radio.
By listening to the radio, I can enjoy music
and learn the latest news while I am travelling from one place to another.
Of course, you can also listen to the radio at home, or even at work.
Listening to the radio is a popular activity for many people,
and each city has many different radio stations.
There are many different kinds of radio stations.
Some radio stations provide news and information.
Other radio stations have a "talk" format,
where listeners can call the radio station's experts,
to discuss political affairs or to ask for personal advice.
Although there are many radio stations that provide news and opinions,
most radio stations are mainly devoted to playing music of some kind.
For example, some radio stations play the songs that are currently most popular,
often called the "top 40" songs.
Other radio stations specialize in particular types of music.
There are some stations that play only classical music.
Other radio stations mainly play jazz music.
Some very popular radio stations play "hard rock" music.
Others specialize in country music.
Some people prefer radio stations that play rhythm-and-blues music.
Still other people enjoy radio stations that specialize in soft, "easy listening" music.
If you have a favorite kind of music, or even if you like to listen to all kinds of music,
you can probably find at least one radio station that you will like.
In addition to news and music, some radio stations provide other kinds of entertainment.
Sometimes, a story from a book will be told over the radio.
Occasionally, the words of a theatrical play may be heard on the radio.
Even in the age of television and computers,
the radio has remained an important source of entertainment and information.
People will surely listen to the radio for a long time to come.
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