17. Thanksgiving (Listen and Read)

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17. Thanksgiving
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We are having Thanksgiving at our house.
My whole family is coming.
My parents bought a turkey.
It weighs 30 pounds.
It takes a long time to cook.
My mom wakes up early to cook the turkey.
I clean the house with my dad.
The house smells good.
We help Mom in the kitchen.
I peel potatoes and carrots.
My dad makes pumpkin pies.
My mom cooks squash.
I help my mom make stuffing.
I mix the bread and spices.
We make good stuffing.
It goes inside the turkey.
We put on nice clothes.
I set the table.
My dad carves the turkey.
My mom makes the gravy.
Our relatives arrive.
We say "thank you" for all we have.
We eat and eat.
It is a good Thanksgiving.
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