31. Flowers (Listen and Read)

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31. Flowers
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There are hundreds of different types of flowers.
Most people like roses.
Roses grow on bushes, and they smell beautiful.
You have to be careful that you don't prick your finger on a rose thorn.
Roses come in many colors.
There are red, pink, yellow and white roses.
In the spring, tulips are in bloom.
In Ottawa, there are many tulips.
Some people go there just to see all the tulips in the spring.
Forget-me-nots are also spring flowers.
They are tiny and blue.
Lilies of the valley look like white bells.
Where I live, many of the trees have blossoms on them in the springtime.
The apple and cherry trees look particularly beautiful when they are in blossom.
We have a blossom festival in my town.
My neighbors like to plant geraniums, petunias and marigolds in the summer.
Some people plant sunflowers.
Sunflowers grow very tall.
They have bright yellow petals.
All of those flowers grow best in the sunshine.
If your garden is shady, you have to plant different things.
Hostas grow well in a shady garden.
Chrysanthemums are fall flowers.
Chrysanthemums come in many colors also.
There are purple, yellow and white chrysanthemums.
Flowers are good to give as gifts.
Women like to receive a dozen roses on Valentine's Day.
Carnations also make a nice gift.
They have a very sweet smell.
Many people give away lilies for Easter.
Poinsettias are very festive at Christmas time.
If someone goes to a dance, they often give their partner a flower to wear.
Sometimes, a girl will get an orchid from her date
If you go to a wedding, you will probably see a lot of flowers there.
Flowers help to make places beautiful.
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