44. Days of the week (Listen and Read)

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44. Days of the week
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There are seven days of the week.
Sunday is a day of rest for some people
but many people still have to work.
Quite a few people go to church on a Sunday.
On Monday morning, we go back to school after the weekend.
Many people say they don't like Monday because it is the beginning of the work week.
Tuesday is a school day and a working day.
I don't think that there is anything special about a Tuesday.
Wednesday is the middle of the work week.
On Thursday, many of the stores and malls stay open later.
It gives you a chance to run some errands on a Thursday night.
On Friday, you feel like the work week is nearly over.
Some people say, "thank goodness it is Friday".
They look forward to the weekend.
On Saturday, many people can sleep in late.
People get errands done on Saturday.
You see a lot of people in the grocery store on a Saturday.
Most children look forward to Saturday
so that they can play with their friends.
Then, Sunday comes again.
The weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years.
Time goes by quite quickly.
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