48. The Kitchen (Listen and Read)

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48. The Kitchen
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The kitchen is where we make and eat our meals.
There is a stove in the kitchen.
Inside the stove there is an oven where you bake things.
You can put a cake into the oven to bake.
On top of the stove are burners.
The burners get hot.
You put pots or pans on the burners.
The refrigerator is where we store the food that needs to be kept cold.
We keep milk, eggs, cheese and vegetables in the refrigerator.
At the top of the refrigerator is the freezer.
The freezer keeps things frozen.
We have frozen vegetables, ice cream and ice cubes in the freezer.
We have a toaster in the kitchen.
You put the bread in the toaster, and it turns into toast.
We have an electric kettle.
We boil water to make tea in the kettle.
There is a double sink in the kitchen.
That is where we wash the dishes.
We turn on the hot tap, and put some dish detergent into the sink to wash the dishes.
Sometimes we put the dishes into the dishwasher,
and the dishwasher washes the dishes.
There are other things in the kitchen.
There are utensils like knives, forks and spoons.
There are tea towels and dish cloths.
There are oven mitts and pot holders to take hot things out of the oven.
There are pots to cook and boil things in.
There are pans to fry things.
We have dishes that we eat from.
We have plates for our dinner, and bowls that we can put our soup in.
We drink from cups or coffee mugs or glasses
We keep our juice in a pitcher or a jug.
There is a timer that you can set when you are cooking.
The timer buzzes when the food is ready.
We also have a microwave oven in the kitchen.
If we are in a hurry, we cook our food in the microwave.
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