53. Grocery shopping (Listen and Read)

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53. Grocery shopping
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What do you see when you go to the grocery store?
The aisles are filled with food.
There are also refrigerators and freezers filled with food.
There are sometimes things in bins in the middle of the aisles.
There are different departments in the grocery store.
There is the bakery.
In the bakery, there are sweet things such as cakes, pies, cookies and tarts.
There are also things that you would eat with your dinner like bread and buns.
There are other things in the bakery department like bagels and biscuits.
The baker works in the bakery.
There is the canned goods section.
This is where you might find sauces and soups.
Vegetables and fruits also come in cans.
There is the section for dairy products.
Here you would find milk and cream.
The dairy section would also have cheese and butter.
Yogurt is also found in the dairy section.
In the meat department, there is beef and pork.
Poultry is also found in the meat department.
Poultry is chicken, duck and goose.
There are also cold cuts in the meat department.
Cold cuts are the meats that are sliced up for sandwiches.
Some examples of cold cuts are ham and baloney.
The butcher works in the meat department.
The produce department is full of fruits and vegetables.
Clerks spray water on the fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh.
There is a section in the grocery store for personal hygiene.
This is where you would find shampoo and toothpaste.
Soap and skin products would also be in this section.
There is even a section for your pets.
You can buy cat food and dog food.
There are toys for cats and dogs.
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