66. Music (2) (Listen and Read)

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66. Music (2)
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My family is very musical.
My father plays the guitar.
He plays in a band.
The band plays country music.
My mother is a singer in the band.
She also plays the piano.
I took the flute in music class at school.
I play the flute in the school band.
I also sing in the school choir.
I have a low voice.
My sister has a high voice.
She is a soprano.
At home I like to practice the drums,
but my mother says that it's too loud.
Sometimes I play so loudly that I break a drumstick.
I practice whenever she goes out.
I would like to be in a rock band.
Some of my friends and I are thinking of starting our own rock band.
My sister is a very good piano player.
She has won many awards at music festivals.
She likes to play classical music,
but sometimes I get her to play rock music with me.
She is also a very good singer.
I like to sing with her.
We sing in harmony.
I listen to music all the time on the radio.
I know a lot of songs.
I can sing along with most of the songs that come on the radio.
I memorize the lyrics of the songs.
My sister and I sometimes get together and sing our favorite songs.
Maybe someday we will start our own rock band,
and I will be the drummer.
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