84. Pretending (Listen and Read)

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84. Pretending
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I like to pretend. I like to make up things that aren't real.
I use my imagination.
I was pretending that I was in a time machine.
I set the date for a prehistoric time.
I turned on the time machine, and it buzzed and whirred and spun madly.
When it stopped spinning, I opened the door and stepped out into a very thick jungle.
I listened carefully to the sounds of the jungle.
I could hear strange animal noises, and the leaves were rustling.
I wasn't sure if I'd gone back in time or had just landed in a jungle somewhere in the twenty-first century.
It didn't take me long to realize that I had indeed gone back in time.
A very strange bird-like creature with a large beak flew overhead.
I'd never seen anything like it in my life.
I took a few steps out into the long grass and ferns.
I didn't wanna go too far away from my time machine.
I heard a noise over on my right side.
There was a man who looked quite different from me.
He was dressed in an animal skin, and he carried a big stick.
I didn't want him to see me, so I hid behind a tree.
He didn't speak any language that I could understand.
He grunted at someone who must have been in the distance.
Then, I felt the earth shake beneath my feet.
I heard giant thumps on the ground as the floor of the jungle shook.
The man in the animal skin began to run.
I saw why he was running.
A giant dinosaur appeared above the tops of the trees.
It was bigger than anything I had ever seen.
My heart began to pound in my chest. It was coming toward me.
I ran toward my time machine and jumped in.
I set the dial for the twenty-first century.
The machine whirred and buzzed. My time machine landed in the twenty-first century.
I got away just in time.
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