94. Favorite colors (Listen and Read)

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94. Favorite colors
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My very favorite color is purple.
There are not a lot of things that are purple.
Some grapes are purple.
Sometimes the sky looks purple.
My second favorite color is blue.
Some things are blue.
The sky is blue, and water is blue.
Many people have blue eyes.
Green is a very common color in nature.
Trees are green in the summer.
Some trees are green all year long.
Grass is green.
Sometimes water looks green.
Many people have green eyes.
Many vegetables are green.
Broccoli, cabbage, beans, lettuce, peas,
and cucumbers are all green.
Green vegetables are very good for you.
Yellow is a bright color.
The sun looks yellow.
Bananas are yellow.
Some people have yellow hair.
Daffodils and dandelions are yellow.
White is a common color, especially in the winter.
Snow is white.
Clouds are white.
Polar bears, some dogs and some cats are white.
There are white flowers that grow.
Some flowers are red.
Roses can be red.
Blood is red.
Sometimes the sky is red at night or in the morning.
Artists use all these colors to make beautiful paintings.
Nature used all these colors to make the beautiful earth.
We are fortunate to be surrounded by beauty.
We should do our part to make sure that nature stays beautiful and clean.
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