TOEFL Conversation 10 (Listen and Read)

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TOEFL Conversation 10
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Excuse me!
Sorry, but could I bother you for just a minute?
I think I left a book in this carrel last night.
Could you just take a look in the shelf for me?
Sure. What's the title?
Uh... "Fundamentals of Bioengineering" or something like that,
I forget the exact title.
That's why I need it!
It's a sort of green paperback.
Looks like a couple of other folks've left their books in here, too.
Why don't they put them back where they got them when they're through, anyway?
Probably just forgot, like me.
It's easy to forget a book in there after you've been sitting here going through books for three or four hours at night.
Yeah, I guess. I've done that, too.
How about, um... "Engineering Basics"?
Is this it?
It's not green, though.
It's kind of, uh, turquoise?
Huh! That's kind of eerie, isn't it?
That's really pretty close.
No, not mine.
Nothing else there?
Nope. Just a couple of works on Anglo-Saxon grammar.
Want those?
Haha, I don't think so!
I probably need one on English grammar, though.
My paper on GM is not organized very well.
GM? General Motors?
No. Gene modification.
It's due next Tuesday and I'm barely half-finished.
And I need that book to check the pagination, I'm including some quotes out of it.
Well, sorry I can't help, it's just not here.
Did you check the stacks?
Yeah, 'cause I thought at first I'd put it back.
But it's not where it's supposed to be, at least.
Maybe somebody else's got it then.
Somebody from your class maybe?
Yeah, maybe. We've all got papers due.
Did you check at the desk?
They can tell you if it's been checked out.
No, it can't be checked out.
Our prof put it on reserve until the end of the term.
Too many people might need to use it.
And there's only one copy?
That's pretty rough.
Yup, I think so.
Or... no, actually, I have no idea.
I just presumed there was.
I'll go check the catalogue!
Yeah, there might be another one in the Science Reading Room or the Medical Library.
You know the author?
Uh... Jamison, or um, Jamiston. Why?
Because I can search it for you right now, Google Scholar.
Yeah, haven't you heard?
University Libraries has linked up with Google's search of library holdings all over the world
Just a sec.
And the title's something about bioengineering,
so keyword 'bioengineering'...
and, voila!
"Jamison, H.J., Fundamental Concepts of Bioengineering",
is that it?
Oh, yes! Great!
And... lessee... Tennyson University... yes, here we are:
Main Library, and Medical Research Library!
They've got a copy there, too, it says.
That is really great!
Thanks so much for your help.
I'm sorry I took up so much of your time.
I really appreciate this.
My pleasure. It's my major.
Library Science.
You just gave me a little practicum
Ha, well, glad to help, then.
I've got to go!
The Medical Library closes for the weekend Saturday afternoon.
Better run, then!
Thanks again! Bye.
Good luck!
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