TOEFL Conversation 13 (Listen and Read)

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TOEFL Conversation 13
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Excuse me, Mr. Morgan?
Oh, hi... uh... Lindsey, isn't it?
Come in, Lindsey.
I haven't seen you in quite a while, have I?
How can I help you?
Well...if you have a few minutes...
I need you to help me sort out my credit hours.
It's kind of an, uh, an emergency.
OK, sit down.
I've got a few minutes right now.
Thanks very much.
So, what's the problem with your credit hours?
Well... um... I think I may not have the right ones.
The ones I need to graduate, I mean.
What's your major again? Business Management?
Yeah, it's supposed to be.
For Bus Ad, I still need to take Global Economics - EC 303
and, well, I've got room for it in my schedule but, erm...
303's got a prerequisite, which I, uh, I haven't taken.
EC 203, Econometrics.
Oh, that's just great.
And how did you manage that, Lindsey?
Not paying attention.
I didn't notice until now that I needed 303 to graduate,
and didn't notice before that I needed 203 before.
Is there anything I can do now to fix this?
Well, I'm not sure.
It's possible that the dean would let you take them concurrently.
It's been done before, in extremis.
Well, that's what I'm in - extremis.
The last term before graduation and I'm stuck.
Do you think he would, really?
It's possible, if your grades are good enough and everything else is in order.
Are they? Is it?
Oh, yeah! My GPA's 3.7.
And I've got all the other required credits, and then some.
I've actually taken more electives than I need to.
Hmm. Too many electives and a missed prerequisite.
Good work, Lindsey.
Yeah, pretty dumb, eh?
OK, well, they're both offered this term, I hope?
Oh yes.
Global Economics is Tuesday through Thursdays at 3 pm
and Econometrics is the same days at 11 in the morning.
Those would work fine, except, uh....
Except what?
Except I've already signed up for the second half of my statistics course:
Stats 202 at eleven.
Is that a required course?
No, but it's highly recommended for business majors.
And I really need that math.
Math is my weak point, I'm afraid,
and I'm going to use a lot of it if I go into finance like I want to.
Lindsey, do you know what, um, Econometrics is?
Sure! Uh... I guess... what?
It's, uh, "measuring economies", "econo" plus "metrics", isn't it?
It's math, Lindsey. Statistics.
It's a course in the kinds of statistics used in business, finance, and economics.
Oh... so maybe I don't need Stats 202 then?
That's right.
Bus Ad makes sure you get the necessary math by requiring Econometrics.
But you've taken Statistics 201 already?
Hmm. Listen, there may be another solution to this.
The dean might accept Stats 201 and 202 in place of Econometrics.
Really? That'd be great!
He might.
Anyway, I'm going to have to call his office about this, about both possibilities, right away.
Let me just see what they say.
If you had a choice, which option would it be?
Uh... well, unless they really want me to take Econometrics,
I think it would be easier if I completed the second half of my statistics course.
I mean, then I'd have the whole course under my belt.
But whatever the dean wants, I'm happy to do whatever it takes to graduate on time.
OK, good.
Well, with two options, he may be more amenable to exempting you from the prerequisite.
Can you bring me a copy of your transcript later today?
I've got one right here, Mr Morgan.
Here you go.
Ah. Mmm. Yes. it does look good, Lindsey.
3.7 and a good scattering of 'A's, too!
OK. I'll arrange to see the dean as soon as I can,
if not today, then tomorrow morning, I hope.
And we'll try to get this straightened out for you.
Stop by tomorrow afternoon about three, will you?
Sure! And thanks.
Thank you very much.
OK. And don't worry too much.
The dean can be quite flexible in a good cause.
See you tomorrow, then.
Thanks so much, Mr Morgan.
See you tomorrow afternoon at 3.
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