TOEFL Conversation 7 (Listen and Read)

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TOEFL Conversation 7
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Can I help you?
Are you looking for something in particular?
Yes, well... first I'm looking for the foreign language section.
Oh, it's right down here.
Here we are. "Foreign Languages".
What course are you taking?
Spanish Four Thirty-one.
You need the Intermediate Spanish textbook?
No, I still have that from Four Thirty.
What I'm looking for is the novel we're supposed to read:
Garcia Marquez's 'Cien años de soledad',
'One Hundred Years of Solitude'.
'Garcia Marquez', 'Garcia Marquez'. Hmm. No...
Oh, here it is, under 'Marquez'.
Here you are.
Eighteen dollars?
The price is right, but, erm, it's just the text.
There doesn't seem to be any footnotes or any glossary.
This is the only edition you have?
Yes, it is. Sorry.
Hmm. How many copies do you have left?
Just those on the shelf?
Yes, uh, four, no, five copies.
Jeez, those'll be gone by Friday for sure.
Our class is really full.
What's your return policy?
Would it be OK if I bought this now,
and then returned it if I can find an annotated edition on the internet?
Yes, certainly.
But you'll need to keep your receipt, of course,
and be sure that the book is not marked up or damaged in any way.
Sure, that's fair enough.
Did you want me to check whether we can find you another edition?
I don't think I have time.
It usually takes so long to get a book through a bookstore.
Haha, unfortunately, that's often true.
Thanks anyway.
I'll take this then, and say, you have, uh, sweatshirts, don't you?
Sweatshirts? Yes, in the 'School Spirit' section.
Over this way. And down here. Um...
Here you are.
Ah. Yes.
Hmm... that's not much of a school crest.
Oh. There's a bigger one on the back, see?
Oh, yeah, of course. I see.
Uh, this is a medium.
I need a large, and uh... I think... in green.
Medium, medium... here, is this a large?
Yes, large. Here you go.
Yeah, that's good.
Say, do you know what our motto means, anyway?
"Ex Pertinacia Veritas".
"Out of something... something-or-other".
"From Determination comes Truth".
It's been SU's motto since it was founded in 1894.
And this crest is "an American bison couchant upon a tome vert".
What in heck does that mean?
A buffalo lying on a green book.
I think the idea was that this new pioneer state was getting its first institution of higher education,
the buffalo represents the prairies,
the green of the book, and the book represents learning.
Huh. That's really interesting.
I'll wear it with pride, and hope for some of that determination!
How much is this?
39.95 plus tax.
Uh, what else do I need now?
Mmm... I guess that's it, then: the sweatshirt and the book.
And there's no tax on the book.
Where's your register?
Just take them up to the cashier at the front, please. Over there.
Oh, OK. Thanks a lot for your help.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
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