Conversation 1 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 1
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Good morning, Jack.
Can you do me a favor and photocopy these documents for me, please?
I need them for the staff meeting tomorrow morning.
There will be fifteen attendees.
Hi, Grace.
Unfortunately, the copy machine is out of order.
The repairman is supposed to be coming this afternoon to have a look after it,
but this is the second time it has broken down in the past two weeks,
so it may not be fixable.
Oh, man.
I need the copies by 7.30 am to prepare the folders for the meeting.
Would you be able to run to our branch in Marple?
It is only a ten minute drive.
I just need to make sure I am prepared for this meeting.
Yeah, I can do that.
I actually did my training at the Marple office, so I am familiar with it.
I can leave right now.
Are these all the documents you need?
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