Conversation 105 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 105
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You've reached the Whitman household.
How can I help you?
Good morning.
I was hoping to speak with Laura Whitley.
Is she in?
She actually just stepped out to run a few errands.
This is her husband.
Can I take a message?
I would love to leave a message.
I am Cynthia Watman, and I work at BioTech Labs.
Your wife recently conducted a video interview for our Head of Tech position,
and we were very impressed.
We would like to invite her in to complete a competency test on Friday.
It would probably be best if she can give me a call back to discuss the details.
Oh, she was just telling me about this position.
I am sure she will be more than happy to come in.
Does she have your phone number, to give you a call back?
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