Conversation 110 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 110
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Xander, I am about to go pick up the assistant manager from the ferry terminal.
Have you completed the report I asked you for?
I'm still not finished
because I need to replace all of the bar graphs with updated data.
I am worried I won't be able to complete it by the 2 pm deadline.
Don't worry, I already updated all the data.
Does something not look right?
Umm.. Well it doesn't match our current figures.
I just wanted to double-check before we present the data.
Oh.. Okay, well I have to leave now, so I can't be of any help.
It all falls on you!
You can count on me.
Good luck with the pickup
and I will see you when you get back to the office.
Did you want me to make copies of the meeting agenda?
No, that isn't necessary.
Will you please send the agenda to my secretary?
She will make sure to combine it with the other documents in an organized folder.
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