Conversation 114 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 114
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Hi, James. We appreciate you being here today.
My name is Zoe and this is Alex, the HR director.
It is a pleasure to meet you both.
I'm thrilled to be considered for the position.
Looking at your experience as an account manager, we are a little surprised you applied for the position of sales executive.
It seems like this would be a small step backward in your career.
We are just looking for some clarity,
as we want whoever we hire to be here for a while,
and not just temporarily until they find something better.
Can you explain your motivation behind applying for this position?
Of course.
While it may seem like a step back, I have always been very successful in my sales career.
I have worked as an account manager at a car dealership,
but I think the technology sector is booming.
I am interested in starting out at a more entry-level position so I can learn the ins and outs,
to eventually progress my career.
That makes sense.
We are incredibly busy right now,
and while we are working on expanding our team,
your first couple of months will be jam-packed.
Are you prepared to work overtime, and on weekends?
That won't be a problem, I like the challenge of being busy.
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