Conversation 116 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 116
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Hey, Amanda.
Bella tells me you used to be the best bowler in your team back in high school.
Are you interested in joining our bowling club?
We play at the bowling center near Boyd Elementary School.
Well, as much as I'd like to take you up on your offer,
I still have to think it over since I've just moved out recently.
That place is too far from my new home.
Well, there's a bowling center affiliated with River Rock Casino near your place.
Our team can play over there.
Oh really?
Is it within walking distance?
Yes! The bowling center is right next to Blundell Mall.
I haven't spent enough time getting to know the neighborhood ever since I moved in.
Is it on Amadeus Street?
No, it's the grand building opposite Oakridge Convention Center.
It's facing Georgia Street.
Thanks, I think I got it.
We'll keep in touch.
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