Conversation 12 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 12
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Excuse me.
I'm looking for the latest novel by Paul Woodward.
Do you carry his novels here?
The Ebony Snowman?
I'll buy one if you still have it in hardback.
Unfortunately, the hardcover's been sold out for months.
The mass market paperback version was released earlier this week.
We've got plenty of copies on hand.
Is that so?
Mr. Woodward truly is a household name.
That, and also some popular bloggers praised his latest novel in their book reviews,
which has created a lot of interest among readers.
To be honest, that's exactly how I got into it.
So, uh, where can I find the novel?
We're in the new releases section right now,
so walk straight down the aisle until you see the bestsellers section.
You'll find Woodward's books in the section right after that.
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