Conversation 2 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 2
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Have you checked your email?
It looks like Antonio Garks is going to take over as production manager at our factory in Vietnam
while Susan Carter is out on maternity leave.
The post lasts six months.
Wow, I haven't seen that email yet.
Did the email say when he was flying out?
Not for a few months, at the beginning of January.
Well the project in Southampton won't be finished by January.
I wonder who will fill his position there.
The email didn't say, so I'm assuming they haven't made that decision.
I personally think that Jesse Key would excel in that position.
I agree.
She is very good at jumping in a situation and making it her own.
It would be a great test, as she hasn't worked on a project of this size before.
She has done a great job,
but I am not sure if she is quite ready for this challenge.
I guess we will see how things progress.
The email also said upper management will be holding a meeting about this subject tomorrow,
and they ask you to RSVP, so be sure to respond.
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