Conversation 26 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 26
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Hey, James, let's go see the musical play Spear Of Hope while we're in New York.
Sounds good.
I read a rave review of the play in the paper last week.
It is said that the staging and costumes are really something to see.
I think we should buy tickets in advance.
Good idea.
I have a PhantomSeat member account,
so if I book online on this website,
I can get a maximum of two tickets at a discount price.
So when do you think we should go?
It is your call.
I wonder if the price is cheaper on weekdays.
I guess so.
Let me check the website...
Hmm, it seems like the price is a bit more expensive on weekends.
Say we go on Thursday at 8 P.M.
Does that work for you?
That works.
We could probably grab a bite to eat before the show.
Could you book the tickets for us?
Sounds good to me.
I'll go get my credit card.
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