Conversation 50 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 50
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Hey Brittany. Are you still planning the design conference for the company?
Yes, I am.
I've never done anything like this and underestimated the amount of work it requires.
My current task is finding an opening speaker.
Ah, a good opening speech is important to the flow of the rest of the conference.
Are you looking for someone internally, or open to a guest-speaker?
Well, I am open to either.
I have already reached out to a few people who aren't available.
Did you speak to Elisa Lowe?
She is an expert in user-centered design.
Yes, unfortunately, she will be out of the office that day for her son's graduation,
so it can't be rearranged.
Well, did you hear that we recently hired Slyvia Tee for our head of product design?
She isn't due to start work until next week, but she has a lot of great experience.
Oh, I have heard her speak at a networking event.
I didn't know she was joining the team, but that is great news.
I will definitely reach out to her.
I worked with her years ago, so can give you her phone number.
Or, I'm sure you can reach out to HR for her email.
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