Conversation 64 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 64
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Hello, Jenifer.
This is Paul Noods, from accounting.
I would like to schedule a time we can meet to talk about the report you sent in,
specifically a few of the expenses you claimed.
Are you available to come to my office sometime today?
Umm... Is it necessary for me to come down?
I am new, but my colleague taught me how to fill out the report,
so is there something that I did incorrectly?
Yes, it is missing receipts, so I'm unable to complete the report.
It is for the largest amount, so it is pretty important.
Well, I am pretty busy today,
I am on my way to a meeting with a vendor.
Can I come first thing tomorrow?
Unfortunately, I am out on a personal day tomorrow.
My colleague, Lee may be available.
I'll go ask him now and let you know later in the day, via email.
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