Conversation 68 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 68
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Are you staying around for the retirement party on Thursday?
It is Jill Johnson's last day.
Yes, I plan on going.
I got the email invitation last week,
but I guess a lot of people didn't get them due to a technical error.
The HR manager is planning to let everyone know by the end of the day.
I heard it will take place on the building roof.
Are you planning on going?
I already have a dinner scheduled with a client up in Boston,
so I'm leaving in the afternoon.
I'm really disappointed because I've worked with Jill for years,
so I would like to see her off, but I won't be back until Monday.
That is a bummer.
I will be going, so I will tell Jill about your situation if you want me to.
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