Conversation 7 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 7
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I just got the invitation to the workshop on Monday.
It seems very interesting,
the topic is designing for the minimalist.
Do you think you will go?
Oh, that does sound very interesting.
I'm seeing a trend in minimalism design with my clients.
I haven't checked my email,
what time is the workshop?
I have a presentation on Tuesday, so I am pretty busy until then.
It starts at 9 A.M.
And is scheduled to last for an hour.
The email also mentioned free coffee and donuts.
Luckily, it is a small workshop,
so will be held in the meeting room next to your office.
They said there will be a few hands-on events.
Can I do anything to help you out with your presentation?
Well, if it is only an hour, I should be able to attend.
It is a good way to start my busy day!
Thanks for letting me know.
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