Conversation 72 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 72
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Hello, this is Sally Clark speaking.
NextWave Comcast was supposed to send someone here to upgrade the router.
I've been waiting for over an hour now.
Thanks for calling, ma'am.
Our record shows your appointment is not until 10 am tomorrow.
That's impossible.
Please check again: Sally Clark, unit 219, Moffatt Apartments.
I specifically asked for an express appointment
because I can no longer stand having latency issues when I watch online videos.
I am terribly sorry.
There seems to be a mix-up in the information.
Your appointment is scheduled for 10 am today.
Our technician is probably just running late.
He should be there any minute now.
Will your technician be able to complete the work soon?
I have an online meeting at 4 pm.
Yes. The upgrade will take no longer than 30 minutes.
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