Conversation 90 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 90
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I can't wait for next week! I love meditating,
and it's about time our company gives us some mental health training.
I agree!
The event is going to focus on breathing techniques, which I have always been very interested in.
Did you hear they managed to schedule Brittany Booker as a speaker?
She has taught yoga for over ten years, and has studied in India.
Didn't she create a new technique for 30-second meditation?
I think so.
That is why they asked her to come in.
It is going to be fantastic.
I heard they scheduled a Q&A session with her after the speech, at 3 pm
I just hope I can make it for the start.
I have a lunch appointment with a client that I can't reschedule on 5th Avenue,
which is pretty far from the venue.
You didn't hear?
They changed the location to a bigger space since so many people signed up.
It's now on Square street, in the conference hall next to Grand Hyatt Hotel.
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