Conversation 93 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 93
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Hi Laura.
I forget, when is the training workshop for the new employees?
I would really like to get the new hires up and running by the end of next week.
I agree.
Unfortunately, my schedule is very busy at the moment.
I am headed to Phoenix to deliver a brief tomorrow,
and I won't be back until Monday night.
I will need to catch up on my work from when I am gone on Tuesday.
Would we be able to do it on Wednesday?
I can help get the materials ready if that makes it any easier.
Well, if you are willing to help out,
I think we can swing it for Wednesday.
I can email you the training documents,
and can you make a binder for each new employee?
I need to double-check,
but I believe we have thirty new hires this quarter.
Also, please notify the employees who need to be in attendance.
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