Conversation 99 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 99
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Hi, Sarah. Alexandria Madden just called about her recent order.
Oh, I saw her order came in.
She ordered fifty crates of soda water, for her restaurant, right?
Yes, that was her original order.
She had a big event cancel,
so now she only needs twenty crates.
We normally charge a change fee once the order has been placed,
but I wasn't sure if we should waive the fee,
since she's been a loyal customer for many years.
Well, I have known her for fifteen years and I've never known her to change an order.
I think we should waive the fee.
Okay. Do you think I need to check with our supervisor?
I don't want to get in trouble.
No, I have the authority to waive fees.
Okay, great.
I will let Ms. Madden know, I'm sure she will be pleased.
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