Short Talk 1 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 1
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You're listening to KFUD's traffic report.
Current traffic is moving incredibly slow due to the heavy snowfall.
The Thompson and Government bridges are both in a gridlock.
One part of the city that commuters are still moving is at the intersection of High and Lane Street.
As the snow continues to fall, traffic will continue to get backed up.
Weather reports show the snow is supposed to fall for the next five hours,
accumulating up to four inches.
So try to avoid driving later in the night.
The bridge closure at Harbor Bridge has been completed,
so remember, this is an option for some commuters.
Thanks for tuning in.
This is Jane Clipp for KFUD, the best option for your traffic news.
Stay tuned for the weather update with Katt Olsen.
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