Short Talk 59 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 59
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Welcome in, everyone.
Let's not waste time.
I want to explain to you about picking classes for this semester at Welcome Spanish.
You all know, the campus is only open on Wednesdays and Fridays
and all of our classes are two hours long.
If you're a first time student,
we only allow you to take two classes per semester.
We don't want students to get overwhelmed and we feel this is a good starting point.
If you are a returning student,
you can take as many classes as you feel is right for you.
Please be aware that some classes need to be taken in order.
In example, you can't take Spanish 2, if you have not taken Spanish 1.
The same concept applies to Spanish 3; you must have complete Spanish 2.
Does anyone have any questions?
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