Short Talk 70 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 70
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Hi, this is Sarah.
As you know, I am supposed to be flying home tomorrow,
but I just got an email that says my flight from Cancun to Miami has been cancelled because of a tropical storm.
The airline said the soonest I can leave here wouldn't be until tomorrow afternoon.
The problem is, if I leave that late, by the time I get to Miami and take the bus to Fort Lauderdale, it will be after midnight.
Rather than have such a long day, I would rather just stay an additional night in Cancun,
and then I can get a morning flight the day after tomorrow.
That way, I will arrive in Fort Lauderdale the same evening.
Cancun has been a blast, so I'm happy to have an extra day.
We should plan a trip together. I'll talk to you soon!
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