Link: 1. Asking for moving service / Challenge #40

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Phạm Công Bút

oh my god, i hear " the anything"

November 4th, 2019

you almost got it, keep practicing :)

November 13th, 2019
Akino Kashima

So do I.... I can't hear "the only thing" but " the anything" :(

May 18th, 2020

I could not hear "The only thing", and the entire words are ok

September 17th, 2020
Hà Kiều Diễm

I couldn't hear it "the only thing" too :((

October 23rd, 2020

He clearly says "anything", however by the audio the correct is "only thing". I won't believe it!

October 28th, 2020

@Jasper-Ariel, I can hear "only thing". the sentence does not make sense if it's "anything".

October 29th, 2020

@huyne, well, by the coments, you are the only one who can hear "only thing". Congratulations :)

October 31st, 2020

don't worry, you are not alone ! :)

November 15th, 2020
Anh Thư Nguyễn Hoàng

why he said 'reˈkɔːrd' while being 'rɪˈkɔːrd'?

March 30th, 2021
Vanh Do

I heard: The anything ??? But Answer is: The only thing ;((((

July 16th, 2021

@Anh Thư Nguyễn Hoàng, reˈkɔːrd is a noun, rɪˈkɔːrd is a verb.

July 17th, 2021

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