23. A Date (1) (Listen and Read)

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23. A Date (1)
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What are you so happy about? You're grinning from ear to ear.
Sandy and I are going to go out this weekend.
Oh, yeah? That's fast work. That's great!
Which night are you going to see her, Friday or Saturday?
On Friday. She isn't going to be in town on Saturday and Sunday.
She's going to visit a friend in Quebec.
What are you going to do on Friday?
I don't know yet. Do you have any ideas?
How about taking her to a Chinese restaurant?
I've heard that she likes Chinese food.
That's a great idea.
What are you going to wear on your date?
I'm going to wear my new suit.
That's too formal. Wear your jeans and a T-shirt.
How about your sports jacket?
Are you going to wear it on Friday night?
No, I am not. Go ahead and wear it.
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