137. School dance (Listen and Read)

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137. School dance
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It is the first school dance that I have ever been to.
All of the boys are standing on one side of the gymnasium,
and all of the girls are on the other side.
There is loud music playing,
and I can hardly hear my friends talking.
The music is going fast,
and some people are starting to move to the beat of the song.
Soon all the girls are dancing,
but the boys are still standing against the wall.
Then the song ends, and slow music comes on.
I don't know what to do, so I just go and stand against the wall.
Then one of the boys in my class comes over
and asks me if I would like to dance to the slow song.
I really feel awkward and nervous, but say yes.
We go out into the middle of the gym,
and he puts his hands on my waist,
and I put my hands on his shoulders.
We start to move to the music, and we step on each other's feet!
He is bigger than me, so my toe starts to hurt a little bit!
As we continue to "slow dance",
more boys and girls come to the middle of the gym to dance together.
It sure is funny to watch people dance
because they are stepping on each other's toes and bumping into each other
and turning in opposite directions!
Soon the song ends, and the boys go to one side of the gym again.
The girls decide that they want to dance to a fast song,
so they stay in the middle of the gym and dance with one another.
Our teachers are making sure that we are behaving because they are watching us.
I wonder if they want to dance.
They probably are remembering their first school dance.
I wonder if someday I'll be grown up just like the teachers
and laughing at the memories of my first school dance?
I sure hope so!
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