138. Health (Listen and Read)

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138. Health
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Our health is very important to us.
People can have good jobs, money or good looks.
However, if they become sick, those things don't mean a thing.
It is wonderful to feel good.
Feeling good isn't just about our body.
It is also about our mind and spirit.
We need to feel good in every area of our life.
One of the things we can do to be healthy is to get enough sleep.
If we don't sleep well, or enough, it hurts our body.
It is during sleep that our body restores itself.
Everybody knows we should also eat good foods.
We need milk products, meats, fruits
and vegetables and breads and cereals.
We shouldn't eat too much fat or sugar things either.
Of course, we just shouldn't eat too much at all!
Another thing that is very important is water.
Exercise is very good for both our body and mind.
It is good for our heart, lungs, muscles and bones.
It gets oxygen to our brain to help us think better.
It can help us be smarter!
Doing things that we believe are right and good gives us peace inside.
It makes us nicer people and is good for our spirit.
When we do what we know is right,
it helps to reduce stress, which isn't good for any part of us.
When we take care of our body, mind, and spirit,
we feel good all over and inside, too!
What a beautiful world this would be
if we could all work at doing these things for ourselves and also trying to be a help to others!
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