141. More music (Listen and Read)

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141. More music
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I like music. I have always liked music.
Even when I was very young, I liked music.
I like to listen to it, and to make it.
When I was a little girl, listening to nice music would sometimes make me cry!
That may seem silly, but the music was so pretty that I cried!
As I grew older, I started to take piano lessons.
I was not very good at first, but after a while I got better.
Also, as I grew older, I started to take violin lessons.
I did not sound very good at all at first, but I improved.
When I was a teenager in high school, I made sure I had music classes every year.
Those were the classes I enjoyed most of all.
Everyone loved music, and we had a lot of fun.
I started to take private singing lessons while I was in high school, too.
I also sang in the choir, played in a band and acted in plays in high school.
The plays were all musicals, so I got to sing and dance and enjoy music that way also.
It was so much fun pretending to be other people!
When I finished high school, I went to university to learn how to be a music teacher.
That was a lot of fun because every day I was with other people who loved music as much as I do.
Mostly I played the piano,
but I also learned how to play the drums, a saxophone, a trombone,
a French horn, a clarinet, a flute, which I really was not very good at, and a viola.
I took more singing lessons, too.
We did not have plays to sing and act in, but I sang in the university choir.
Some years, I played the piano for other students who were learning other instruments.
One year, I played duets with another girl who was also there to play piano.
She and I made sure we played fast, funny songs, so we really enjoyed ourselves doing it.
Now, I am a music teacher. I do not have a lot of students,
not as many as I used to have anyway. I still find it very rewarding.
I like to see people who start off not knowing very much, if anything,
and go on to be very good at creating music.
I still love listening to music also.
Music makes me happy when I am sad.
It makes me want to dance or sing when I'm already happy.
Mostly, music just makes me glad that I am me and that music is alive in me.
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