142. Babies (Listen and Read)

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142. Babies
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My baby is asleep in my arms.
Her soft cheek rests against my chest,
while her sweet breath puffs gently on my skin.
Her tiny lips are puckered a bit.
Her little eyelids flutter.
I wonder what she dreams about as she sleeps.
Does she dream?
I have heard her whimper in her sleep.
Sometimes she awakens with a scream.
What is so scary in her little baby dreams?
Once I heard her giggle as she slept.
Her dreams must have been sweet that day.
I have had three babies.
The one I am holding now is my last one.
My other babies are grown up more and now at school.
I love their childish play and laughter.
I miss their baby dimples and their baby sounds and smells.
There is such joy in the birth of a new baby.
We hear their first little cry,
telling us all is well with their small world.
We feel their newborn skin, wrinkled, soft and slightly damp.
We feel each little limb and are filled with wonder and humility.
Life is good as baby takes its first food from its mother.
Family gathers around, each waiting to hold and love this newest member.
Each time the baby cries, its mom worries, and their bond becomes stronger.
Babies have their own special smell.
Some have described it as "milk and innocence".
It is the sweetest smell on earth, I think.
It cannot be copied.
Somehow, it disappears as baby grows.
I love to hear my baby talk.
Once in a while I can even understand a little bit!
She is so serious in her baby talk that I just have to pick her up and hug her.
I love to hear her say "Mommy".
When my baby is tickled, or when the dog or her big brothers do something funny,
it is so sweet to hear her baby laugh.
It's such a cute little giggle!
Sometimes she laughs so hard,
her face turns red, tears come to her eyes,
and she falls down weak with the laughter.
Those who watch her can't help but laugh, too.
I hope she always laughs so easily.
The parents watch with pride and joy as baby grows and has many "firsts".
There is the first time baby sleeps through the night,
rolls over, smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses.
Then there is the first tooth, crawling, first step and first word.
With each new first, the baby becomes less a baby!
These steps are a little sad to parents, too,
because they know they're "losing their baby".
However, to a mother, even an adult child is still her baby!
My baby is not perfect.
Sometimes she gets mad or whines for no reason.
But, to me, she is still beautiful.
Her smiles more than make up for her tears.
Her hugs wipe away when she's been bad.
I intend to cherish each moment with my baby while I can!
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